The provider of training and advisory services and comprehensive and intensive compliance and internal control solutions for banks, financial companies, finance lease companies, stock companies, real estate companies, and other large corporations and enterprises in Vietnam.


✔️ Banks and enterprises that are doing businesses in a righteous and respectful manner deserve to have a solid compliance foundation to further grow in the marketplace.

✔️ Those individuals that work hard and diligently and are loyal to their enterprises deserve to come home peacefully after stressful working hours and have a good sleep.

Because we understand the concerns of enterprises, that:

✔️ Together with their employees, enterprises can silently perform hundreds of thousands of good deeds, but what will happen when they make a single non-compliance?

✔️ Our business is doing very good business and our profit is increasing over time. But, what if our internal control system has any problem?

✔️ Will our business keep holding on if potential risks in our internal control system are not prevented and mitigated on daily basis?

✔️ When the business has a problem and is sanctioned for its non-compliance or any vulnerability in the internal control system, who shall be responsible?


✔️ Become a leading prestigious training center that provides training programs and compliance and internal control solutions for financial institutions in Vietnam.


✔️ Core values ​​of Compic Train are its people and corporate culture


Compic Train understands that each individual has his or her own mission. And Compic Train also has its own mission:

✔️ To help build the culture of compliance in businesses and support them in building a solid legal foundation and maximum control over compliance and operational risks.

✔️ To help the management team, executive team and employees of enterprises avoid professional risks arising from the non-compliance and vulnerabilities of the internal control system.

✔️ Accompany with the development of society and community.


✔️ We are the pioneering and only provider in Vietnam that has developed specialized channels to provide solutions and intensive training courses on compliance management and internal control for businesses.

✔️ We help the staffs of banks, credit institutions, corporations, and businesses of both large and small scales with:

– Constantly updating with knowledge and experience on compliance and internal control.

– Linking together to create a community of compliant culture.

– Effectively implementing state policies.

– Having the peace of mind in working, developing their careers, and devoting themselves to the solid and sustainable development of the enterprises.

✔️ We also frequently exchange and communicate with state management agencies, as well as legislative and executive agencies to promptly get the guidelines and policies of the state that may have influence on business activities of enterprises, and then to transfer such knowledge to them.

✔️ We have a team of senior and extensively experienced experts in the field of compliance and internal control to make sure that training contents meet the standards and are really useful

✔️ We have the support and trust of state agencies

Compic Train is a member of Mapee Group JSC

Address: 9th Floor, Vietcomreal Building, 68 Nguyen Hue boulevard, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hotline: 0789 339 739

Email: info@compictrain.com


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