Differences of Training Programs Organized by Compic Train

✔️ Focusing only on compliance and internal control fields for businesses as we can do the best in the field where we are the best.

✔️ Training programs are designed with suitable frequency and content for each subject (management level, policy level, implementation level), scale, organization (head office, branch, region) and field of activity, or products and services provided by businesses.

✔️ Focusing on practical knowledge training, being capable of immediately applying to practical work, instead of focusing on theoretical knowledge alone.

✔️ Being shared by trainers who are senior managers directly involved in drafting, consulting, and serving as the focal point in issuing legal regulations.

✔️ Being shared by trainers that are leading national or international experts with many years of experience in field of compliance risk management and internal control.

✔️ Closely adhering to training requirements of Vietnamese state agencies and international practices for each area of compliance and internal control.

✔️ Continuously updating new requirements and regulations of laws that may have strong impact on operation of enterprises.

Typical Courses

PUBLIC TRAINING (Public Training) and IN-HOUSE TRAINING (In-house training) per customers’ needs:

✔️ Training on the adoption of new laws issued by state agencies that complex and have a considerable influence on the operations of banks and businesses.

✔️ Periodical basic training on anti-money laundering for new employees as required by Vietnamese law

✔️ Advanced training on professional anti-money laundering skills

✔️ Advanced training on professional contracting skills for businesses

✔️ Advanced training on compliance management for senior executives and compliance managers

✔️ Advanced training on internal control for senior executives and internal control managers

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